Can We Play GTA Vice City Online Or Not

Unfortunately GTA Vice city cannot be played online. I can understand that’s a bummer but you might want to check out all new GTA 5 which has both online and offline mode.

You can kill other netizens online and roam around in the virtual world.

GTA is one of the best games out there for a reason. People usually categorize these games in open-world genre but it has so much more to offer.

The bank heists, selling drugs, killing other gang members, buying properties etc. is just too awesome.

My best part is chopping people’s head with a katana sword.

GTA Vice City has some amazing missions and a good story line.

San Andreas in my opinion has better characters (more entertaining dialogues) but I feel plot is weak.

Driving in Vice City is much better compared to San Andreas

But if you haven’t played GTA 5, give it a shot. It remains the best GTA game till date.

It is unbelievable when it comes to every detail – characters, story line, graphics. Driving is still not as easy as Vice City but you can atleast play GTA Online.